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"Anshin Anshin"

Will Barbour-Brown has over 10 years worth of experience as a professional tattoo artist and illustrator. 

In this time, he has managed to develop an unmistakable style composed of bold line work and a distinct colour palette, both of which contribute to eye catching designs that are guaranteed to resonate with any audience.

Based at the renowned Blue Dragon Tattoo Studio in Brighton, UK, Will has also traveled and worked across Europe and Japan, growing and evolving his craft whilst amassing an international client base.

Anshin Anshin is the ideal that we are prepared to overcome our troubles, to find strength in ourselves as well as each other, and to achieve positivity, happiness, and peace of mind. 

Whether it be art for your home or art for your body, Will hopes his work will help you on whatever journey you may be on and he looks forward to hearing from you.

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